Tech and innovation in the bilateral relationship

This year’s CAUSINDY will focus on technology and innovation in the bilateral relationship. Today, the Australia-Indonesia relationship is famously preoccupied with “boats, beef and Bali” — but what will it look like in the future? Over a four day program of panels, speakers and special events, we’ll explore new opportunities for collaboration and cooperation.

Program Highlights


Over the course of the conference delegates will work with expert mentors to dive into an issue in the Australia-Indonesia relationship and present their solution.

Panel discussions

Panel discussions give delegates an opportunity to discuss business, politics and other hot topics with expert speakers and leaders in the bilateral relationship.

Social and networking events

Social and networking events provide an opportunity to delegates to get to know each other, and have informal discussions with our speakers and partners.

Panel discussions

Technology and Innovation

Last year, President Joko Widodo led Indonesia’s first ‘startup mission’ to the United States. In Australia, PM Turnbull campaigned on the idea of an ‘ideas boom’. Our panel of experts will discuss how companies are harnessing technology in both countries and the potential for future collaboration in this swiftly growing space. Our panel will also comment on the government’s role in encouraging private investment in innovation and fostering growth of the digital ecosystem.

Business and Trade

With the future of free trade and the Trans Pacific Partnership in doubt, both countries are pushing to conclude IA-CEPA. Our expert panel will explore how both countries can benefit from the IA-CEPA and create sustainable business partnerships to enhance the economic relationship. Which industries do our experts see as having substantial potential for growth and how can the risks be constructively navigated?


Our annual political panel will look at the domestic political scene in both countries, and how those issues have shaped foreign policy over the last year. Experts in politics and policy will review the bilateral relationship in an informal discussion.

Defence and Security

On the international stage, defence and security is at the top of government agendas. From tensions in the South China to the growth of extremist groups, panelists will explore how Indonesia and Australia can work together to bolster national security.

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