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Glimpses of Indonesian History in four objects

By Jarrah Sastrawan History doesn’t just live in textbooks and dusty archives. Physical objects and artworks carry with them their own stories that can give us surprising insights into the past, as shown by the BBC and British Museum’s recent hit exhibition A History of the World in 100 Objects (2016). These four objects from Indonesia offer new perspectives […]

CAUSINDY welcomes The Northern Territory Government as minor sponsor for 2017

  Following their visit to Jakarta earlier in June, CAUSINDY is thrilled to welcome the Northern Territory Government back as a minor sponsor for 2017. The Northern Territory Government has supported CAUSINDY since 2014, with CAUSINDY 2015 being held in Darwin. During the visit of the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Hon. Michael Gunner, to Jakarta, CAUSINDY Alumni […]

Dining with Chief Minister of the Northern Territory

Last week, the Northern Territory Government paid a visit to Jakarta, Indonesia. During this month of Ramadan, CAUSINDY Alumni and Team in Jakarta had the honor to be invited for a break-fasting dinner with the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Hon. Michael Gunner.   We had an interesting and engaging discussion of how the […]

The Art of Bilateral Engagement

By Jane Ahlstrand   When we talk about the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and Australia, some of the usual suspects in our conversation include politics, security, trade and development. Regrettably, these topics tend to be placed on a pedestal above all others and in doing so, we end up valorising government-to-government engagement (which I might […]

Indonesia-Australia Marine Trash Diplomacy

Indonesia and Australia need to seriously start to take action to protect our environment together. One issue that needs to be critically addressed is the marine trash problem. Indonesia, with its massive population, produces 64 million tons of trash annually; 1,3 million tons of waste washes out to the ocean and some end up stranded […]