ANU and CAUSINDY drive collaborative Australia-Indonesia relations

Australian National University’s (ANU) College of Asia and the Pacific will look to drive more collaboration between Australia and Indonesia by partnering with CAUSINDY.

“ANU College of Asia & the Pacific is delighted to sponsor CAUSINDY, which is not just a student-led conference but also a community of passionate and motivated young people at the forefront of future Australia-Indonesia relations,” said Professor Blane Lewis, Head of the ANU Indonesia Project.

ANU’s Indonesia Project analyses recent economic developments in Indonesia, informs Australian governments, business, and the wider community about those developments; and stimulates research on Indonesia.

“Given the ANU’s reputation as a centre for excellence in Indonesian teaching and research – both domestically and abroad — we are excited to welcome ANU back as a partner for CAUSINDY 2017” said Edgar Myer, Chief Operating Officer of CAUSINDY

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific is a centre for Australia’s intellectual engagement and scholarly dialogue with the societies, worlds of thought, economies and cultures of Asia and the Pacific, including Indonesia.

“Understanding and connecting with our nearest neighbour is critical for countless economic, political, social and cultural reasons,” said Myer.

CAUSINDY has had ongoing support of ANU since its first conference in 2013, which was held at the University’s campus in Canberra.

“CAUSINDY greatly appreciates the support of ANU we look forward to working with ANU in the lead up to a successful CAUSINDY 2017 conference in Melbourne,” said Myer.